SDR Rx/Tx software for Airspy, Airspy HF+, BladeRF, HackRF, LimeSDR, PlutoSDR, RTL-SDR, SDRplay RSP1 and FunCube

Updated 5 hours ago

Transceiver "Wolf". DDC-DUC SDR Tranceiver project

Updated 16 hours ago

SDR++, The bloat-free SDR software

Updated 1 day ago

decode RTTY telemetry from High Altitude Balloon and upload it to UKHAS Habitat

Updated 3 weeks ago

CaribouLite turns any 40-pin Raspberry-Pi into a Tx/Rx 6GHz SDR

Updated 1 month ago

WSPR daemon for RTL receivers

Updated 6 months ago

rtl-wmbus: software defined receiver for Wireless-M-Bus with RTL-SDR

Updated 11 months ago

csdr is a command line tool to carry out DSP tasks for Software Defined Radio. It can be used to build simple signal processing flow graphs, right from the command line.

Updated 4 years ago