8 Suitable radios and modems
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  • Tested, works:
    • (BT/BLE) LoRa modem 450/700 bps Codec2 modes tested at 1300 bps and 900 bps LoRa speeds: https://github.com/sh123/esp32_loraprs
    • (BT) custom AFSK1200 LibAPRS based modem with increased TXTail parameter and Baofeng handheld transceiver: 450 works fine, 700 works with small gaps, probably LibAPRS needs some tweaks: https://github.com/markqvist/LibAPRS
    • (USB) HC-12 modules: works, but application needs to use lower USB serial bit rate (change from Preferences), because module RF bit rate is hardwired to its serial bit rate, also module needs to be preconfigured with AT commands first
    • (TCP/IP) Direwolf running on PC + stationary transceiver with audio in/out
    • (SoundModem) Transceivers such as MCHF/IC-7x000 with built in USB Audio and USB CAT PTT control, successful FreeDV 1600 mode operation between MCHF with built-in FreeDV support and ICOM over Codec2 Talkie application, successful two way operation between FreeDV desktop app and Codec2 Talkie. Successful HF300/AFSK1200 APRS operation sending packets from this application and received by another transceiver and Direwolf.
    • (USB) Arduino Micro based KISS modem: https://github.com/sh123/micro_loraprs
  • Tested, works, but not too stable, probably needs TXTail tuning:
  • Could work, needs testing: