This is a Python library to use with ActivityPub. ActivityPub is an API for an open, distributed, social network.

Updated 2020-05-25 13:09:35 +00:00

This is an example server implementing a few basic features of activitypub with django

Updated 2021-01-27 16:32:48 +00:00

Give your python scripts regenerative healing abilities!

Updated 2024-03-08 07:33:01 +00:00

aMQTT is an open source MQTT client and broker implementation in python

Updated 2023-02-27 17:52:11 +00:00

Wybory - przeliczanie głosów A Python implementation of common apportionment methods

Updated 2022-02-17 19:35:46 +00:00

bellingcat Python script to automatically archive social media posts, videos, and images from a Google Sheets document.

Updated 2024-05-15 10:04:29 +00:00

A scripting API for Blender's Geometry Nodes:

Updated 2023-11-17 18:49:19 +00:00

Blender GPT Add-on

Updated 2023-12-30 06:36:06 +00:00

Blender IGS Addon

Updated 2020-07-06 02:42:04 +00:00

An open source solution for artistic CAM with Blender 3D

Updated 2024-03-19 17:58:12 +00:00

This extension allows you to use Blender with natural language commands using OpenAI's GPT-4

Updated 2023-06-10 08:11:01 +00:00

BME280 Micropython driver for the BME280 sensor

Updated 2024-03-03 19:59:23 +00:00

Got an IndieWeb site? Want to interact with federated social networks like Mastodon, Hubzilla, and more? Bridgy Fed is for you.

Updated 2024-05-24 12:11:01 +00:00

kepi is a Django-based microblogging system, implemented in Python. It uses the ActivityPub protocol to communicate with other servers, and the Mastodon protocol to communicate with clients.

Updated 2023-11-16 00:53:06 +00:00

Moonstream helps you manage all aspects of your decentralized applications, from whitelisting to authorization to monitoring to product analytics.

Updated 2023-08-21 15:54:06 +00:00

An open source multi-tool for exploring and publishing data

Updated 2024-05-07 13:46:31 +00:00

This is a repository that tracks all the scripts and other tools for removing DRM from ebooks that I could find.

Updated 2024-03-15 12:13:45 +00:00

The Dependency Funding Tool supports developers of free software by providing support across the dependency graph.

Updated 2022-04-30 14:16:31 +00:00

generate secure passwords

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