ToolJet is an open-source low-code framework to build and deploy internal tools quickly without much effort from the engineering teams.

Updated 2023-12-01 11:25:56 +00:00

Dashy helps you organize your self-hosted services by making them accessible from a single place

Updated 2023-11-30 02:23:27 +00:00

Awesome Docker Compose Examples

Updated 2023-11-28 18:18:54 +00:00

This repository provides a Docker image for borgmatic

Updated 2023-11-21 05:33:43 +00:00

An open source multi-tool for exploring and publishing data

Updated 2023-11-08 13:18:55 +00:00

Turn git repositories into Jupyter-enabled Docker Images

Updated 2023-11-07 09:03:02 +00:00

A docker compose project to setup an OSM PostGIS database with automatic updates from OSM periodically

Updated 2023-10-20 02:29:45 +00:00

A web interface for viewing historical and current statistics per docker container (cpu, mem, net i/o, block i/o) - in a docker container.

Updated 2023-02-05 13:51:16 +00:00

A collection of Docker containers for running Blender headless or distributed

Updated 2022-11-28 14:54:31 +00:00