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Wenet - 'The Swift One' - High Speed, Open Source SSDV-over-FSK System

Wenet is a end-to-end image transfer system designed to capture images on a high-altitude balloon payload and transmit them to the ground via radio. Instead of using closed and proprietary modems, we decided to 'roll out own', and develop a FSK-based modem using LDPC forward error correction.

This codebase consists of:

  • Transmitter code (tx directory), intended to be run on a Raspberry Pi (2A, Zero, Zero W). Currently we are using HopeRF RFM98W modules, operating in a 'direct asynchronous FSK' mode, modulated from the Pi's UART TXD pin.
  • Receiver code (rx directory), intended to be run on a Linux laptop, using a RTLSDR as the receiver.

Refer to the pages on the right for information on how to setup a Wenet Receiver Station, or a Wenet Transmitter.