Nextcloud Social App
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Nextcloud Social

🎉 Nextcloud becomes part of the federated social networks!

⚠️ This application is currently in beta stage.

For more information about about our motivation and goals, read the announcement blog.

The app is in beta stage, so its time for you to get involved! 👩‍💻

For a roadmap, see our development milestones - feel free to pick up any of the tasks which are not yet in progress!


Please follow this guide to enable the Emojis in the Social app.

Reset app

If you want to reset all Social app data e.g. to change the domain used for Social, you can use occ social:reset (For how to use occ commands see documentation: using the occ command).

Development setup

  1. ☁ Clone the app into the apps folder of your Nextcloud: git clone
  2. 👩‍💻 Run make dev-setup to install the dependencies
  3. 🏗 To build the Javascript whenever you make changes, run make build-js
  4. Enable the app through the app management of your Nextcloud
  5. 🎉 Partytime! Help fix some issues and review pull requests 👍