An independent mobile and desktop client for Friendica written in Flutter
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A Flutter application for interfacing with the Friendica social network.

Relatica v0.3.0 on Linux Home Screen Screenshot Relatica v0.3.0 on Linux Home Expanded Drawer Screenshot

Project Objectives

  • Have a native app client on mobile (Apple and Android) and desktop (Linux, Mac, and Windows)
  • Providing a simpler UX for people to interact with Friendica
  • Providing a better low-bandwidth environment experience than the web-app version running in a browser
  • Reduce server side loading in the new fediverse era by doing techniques like leveraging paging of comments, local caching, and lazy loading.
  • Provide more intuitive mechanisms for adding things like Content Warning/Spoiler text and image ALT-text

Current Status

The project is currently in an early-beta state. If you'd like to use it at this time please see the notes at Relatica Beta Testing Program.

It is possible to install it now by following the install instructions.

If you would like to contribute please see this Developers Notes section.

Community and Support

Relatica Community Matrix Discussion Room

Issue Tracker

Things I could use help from community on:

  • More coders and testers are always welcome
  • CI/CD
  • Packaging for Linux operating systems using Flatpak, Snap, etc. (or individual packages per operating system)
  • UI/UX cleaning up
  • Graphics design for logo, website art
  • Documentation
  • Spreading the word


Relatica is licensed with the Mozilla Public License 2.0 (MPL) copyleft license.