Pimoroni Pico Libraries and Examples
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Pimoroni Pico Libraries and Examples

Welcome to the brave new world of Pico!

This repository contains the C/C++ and MicroPython libraries for our range of RP2040-based boards, Raspberry Pi Pico addons & supported Breakout Garden sensors.

CMake Build Status MicroPython Build Status MicroPython PicoW Build Status GitHub release (latest by date)


The easiest way to get started. If you're new to Pico, we recommend you read our getting started with Pico tutorial.

⚠️ All of our MicroPython libraries are baked into a batteries-included, custom version of MicroPython which you can grab from releases: https://github.com/pimoroni/pimoroni-pico/releases/latest/

New releases are issued regularly with new libraries, bug fixes to our existing libraries and new features inherited from MicroPython upstream. Be sure to check back!

MicroPython Examples

You can find MicroPython examples for supported sensors, packs and bases in the "micropython/examples" directory:


Advanced users that want to unleash the full power of Pico can use our C++ libraries. If you know what you're doing and want to build your own Pimoroni Pico project then start with the Pimoroni Pico SDK Boilerplate.

C++ Examples

You can find examples for supported sensors, packs and bases in the "examples" directory:

Boilerplate for C++ Projects

We also maintain a C++/CMake boilerplate with GitHub workflows configured for testing and a basic skeleton project.

Supported Products

Packs and Bases


RP2040 Boards

Pico W Aboard



Tutorials and Guides