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habitat cpp uploader (see habitat.uploader.Uploader)


  • jsoncpp: bundled library
  • habitat: headers (i.e., #include "habitat/CouchDB.h")
  • src: sources


habitat-cpp-uploader is GNU GPL 3 (this excludes the bundled JsonCPP, see below). The full GNU GPL 3 text can be found in LICENSE

Building dependencies

You will need these dependencies:

  • libcURL
  • OpenSSL
  • habitat (for habitat.views, to test the Uploader.)
  • strict-rfc3339 (also to test the Uploader)

You can build them from source or install the libcurl4-openssl-dev package on Debian based systems.


JsonCPP has an 'amalgamated' release where all the sources are combined into two files, one jsoncpp.cpp and a json/json.h, which is renamed to jsoncpp.h here to avoid conflicts with libjson's json.h.

It's in the jsoncpp/ directory of this repository. JsonCPP is Public Domain or MIT License and full information can be found at jsoncpp/LICENSE