A curated list of applications for the Fediverse that are based on the ActivityPub protocol and related standards.
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delightful fediverse apps delightful

A curated list of server applications with support for the ActivityPub protocol (Fediverse network) and related standards.



Emoji's for each entry provide additional information on project status:

  • πŸ‘» == inactive for over a year, or officially abandoned


  • Aardwolf: Facebook-like social network connecting communities across the web AGPL-3.0, Rust

  • Activity.next: A single actor ActivityPub server implemented in NextJS. MIT, TypeScript

  • Areionskey (site, Fedi account): a federated/distributed microblogging platform based on Meisskey v11 AGPL-3.0, TypeScript

  • Ayuskey: A fork of Misskey with more widgets and other design improvements. AGPL-3.0, TypeScript

  • Akkoma (site, Fedi account): A community-driven fork of Pleroma with new features such as support for Misskey-flavored Markdown. AGPL-3.0, Elixir

  • Bonfire Social (site, Fedi account): Your plug & play federated social network. Tend to your digital life in community. AGPL-3.0, Elixir

  • Bugle (site, Fedi account): A minimal ActivityPub server built with Laravel. Unknown, PHP

  • Catodon (site, Fedi account): A platform to build your federated community on. Fork of Firefish AGPL-3.0, TypeScript

  • CherryPick (site, Fedi account): A Korean fork of Misskey AGPL-3.0, TypeScript

  • Convene (site, Fedi account): Secure, affordable, private digital spaces for work and play. PPL-3.0, Ruby

  • Decodon: A fork of Mastodon focusing on followers-only posting of media. Configurable circles to post to. AGPL-3.0, Ruby

  • Ebisskey (site, Fedi account): A fork of Misskey that lets you nickname other users and steal posts. AGPL-3.0, TypeScript

  • Ecko (Fedi account): A fork of Mastodon to optimize toward community, that is making it as easy as possible to contribute. AGPL-3.0, Ruby

  • Emissary (site, Fedi account): A customizable, private space in the Fediverse where people can create, share, and collaborate. AGPL-3.0, Go

  • Enigmatick (Fedi account): Social networking platform (under development). GPL-3.0, Rust

  • Epicyon (site): ActivityPub server implementing S2S and C2S protocols, suitable for single board computers. Includes features such as moderation tools, post expiry, content warnings, and image descriptions AGPL-3.0, Python

  • Firefish (site, Fedi account): An actively developed, community-driven fork of Misskey with many quality of life improvements for users and admins alike AGPL-3.0, TypeScript

  • FlockingBird (site, Fedi account): social network for professionals (WIP) Unknown, Unknown

  • FoundKey: A fork of Misskey with various bugfixes and improvements. AGPL-3.0, TypeScript

  • Friendica (site): Personal network that helps to keep in contact with friends. Interface and functionality include common features of a mainstream social network AGPL-3.0, PHP

  • GNU social (site): Microblogging server with multiple plugins AGPL-3.0, PHP

  • Goldfish Social (Fedi account): Alternative for Vine / TikTok (alpha). ActivityPub will come later! AGPL-3.0, PHP

  • Glitch-soc (site, Fedi account): A friendly fork of Mastodon, with the aim of providing additional features at the risk of potentially less stable software AGPL-3.0, Ruby

  • GoToSocial (Fedi account): A headless Mastodon-compatible Fediverse server project, written in Golang. AGPL-3.0, Go

  • Hometown (Fedi account): A fork of Mastodon that provides local posting and a wider range of content types AGPL-3.0, Ruby

  • Honk (Fedi account): ActivityPub server with minimal setup and support costs ISC, Go

  • Iceshrimp: A Misskey fork with a focus on community needs, bugfixes, QoL and performance AGPL-3.0, TypeScript

  • illuminant: An ActivityPub server with an NNTP interface. GPL-2.0, Haskell

  • im@stodon (site, Fedi account): A fork of Mastodon. Unlisted posts with tags are published on tags, a list of fav tags, image size restrictions and transcoding AGPL-3.0, Ruby

  • Kakurega: A fork of Misskey with a distraction free Zen Mode, hideable global timeline, and other QoL improvements AGPL-3.0, TypeScript

  • Kanzaki: A Mastodon-compatible, ActivityPub-speaking server in OCaml AGPL-3.0, OCaml

  • Kepi (Fedi account): A Django-based microblogging server, written in Python, which supports the Mastodon protocol. GPL-2.0, Python

  • Kibou: Lightweight social networking server that implements Mastodon's REST API. AGPL-3.0, Rust

  • Kitsune: ActivityPub-federated microblogging. MIT, Rust

  • kmyblue (site, Fedi account): A fork of Mastodon for creators: emoji reactions, localposting, groups, misskey-like antennas, post self-destruction and more moderation options AGPL-3.0, Ruby

  • Ktistec (Fedi account, site): A single-user ActivityPub server with minimal dependencies, using SQLite, server AGPL-3.0, Crystal

  • Kroeg (site): Generic ActivityPub server, with a focus on microblogging style activities Unknown , Rust

  • lectrn (site): A social network for humans that is free, decentralized, open, and easy to use. AGPL-3.0, JavaScript

  • Leisskey (site, Fedi account): A fork of Meisskey with an extra Sugar theme and no instance tickers. AGPL-3.0, TypeScript

  • Letterbook (Fedi account): A Mastodon-compatible microblogging server, optimized to reduce administrative costs and burdens. AGPL-3.0, C#

  • Little Forest (site, Fedi account): A fork of Mastodon with full Markdown, Quote and Local-Only Toots, Gitlab/hub sign-in, Google Translate, deeper support of Chinese and more theming. AGPL-3.0, Ruby

  • Magnetar: A social networking server anyone can self-host. AGPL-3.0, Rust

  • mammoth (Fedi account): A federated social media platform implementing the ActivityPub specification for client/server and server/server communications. AGPL-3.0, TypeScript

  • Mastodon (site): Epic microblogging network with many features and multiple interface layouts to choose from AGPL-3.0, Ruby

  • Mathtodon (site, Fedi account): A fork of Mastodon where you can post toots with beautiful mathematical formulae in TeX/LaTeX style AGPL-3.0, Ruby

  • MatticNote: ActivityPub compatible SNS that aims to be easy for everyone to use. AGPL-3.0, Go

  • Mbin: A federated content aggregator, voting, discussion and microblogging platform. Fork of Kbin. AGPL-3.0, PHP

  • microblog.pub (site): Self-hosted, single-user, ActivityPub powered microblog. AGPL-3.0, Python

  • microstatus: Lightweight Mastodon and GNU Social-compatible server implementation ISC, Rust

  • Milkey (site, Fedi account): A beta edition and continuation of Groundpolis AGPL-3.0, TypeScript

  • Misskey (site): Interplanetary microblogging platform. Provides many additional features like calendar, emoji reactions, polls, games, and many other widgets AGPL-3.0, JavaScript

  • Misskey.art (site): Fork of Misskey by Misskey.art AGPL-3.0, TypeScript

  • Nekomiya-net (site: A fork of Misskey focusing on maintainability and behaviour. Has a Cat timeline, fox ears, and Meisskey-like self-destructing notes. AGPL-3.0, TypeScript

  • nexkey: A fork of Misskey 12 optimized for small-to-medium servers. AGPL-3.0, TypeScript

  • Nijimiss.moe (site, Fedi account): A media-focused fork of Misskey, with refinable tag searches AGPL-3.0, TypeScript

  • netop: An ActivityPub Server in Scala. MIT, Scala

  • OCamlot: An ActivityPub server written in OCaml. AGPL-3.0, OCaml

  • Personal Reader for Drupal (Fedi account, site): A personal reader on your website which is installable as a PWA on your phone or tablet. GPL-2.0, PHP

  • Pinetta (Fedi account): A decentralized, federated social pinboard in the style of Pinterest. (In development, see prototype AGPL-3.0, Python

  • Pleroma (site): Microblogging platform AGPL-3.0, Elixir

  • Pothole: A lightweight federated microblogging server, designed to be simple & fast. AGPL-3.0-or-later, Nim

  • pub (Fedi account): A tiny ActivityPub host intended for a single actor, that implements Mastodon API for use with various clients. BSD3-Clause, Go

  • Pubblr: A federated blogging platform built on the ActivityPub protocol. MIT, Go

  • pubgate: Lightweight ActivityPub CMS. Implements both client-to-server (C2S) and server-to-server(S2S) APIs. Compatible with Mastodon, Pixelfed, Pleroma and microblog.pub. BSD-3-clause, Python

  • pump.io: Still considers adding ActivityPub. Unknown, Unknown

  • Rebased: Fediverse backend written in Elixir (fork of Pleroma). Compatible with the Mastodon API. The recommended backend for Soapbox, also supports Pleroma-FE as a frontend. Unknown, Unknown

  • Ruffy (Fedi account): A fork of Glitchsoc, with a changed layout and focus on readability and rich content AGPL-3.0, Ruby

  • Rustodon: Mastodon-compatible server AGPL-3.0, Rust

  • Seppo (site, Fedi account): A server-side, single-user, Fediverse-integrated microblog engine. Creating static assets published by webserver. GPL-3.0, OCaml

  • Sharkey (site, Fedi account): A Sharkish microblogging platform. AGPL-3.0, TypeScript

  • Shuttlecraft (site, Fedi account): A single user ActivityPub server to interact with the Fediverse and other indie web protocols like RSS. MIT, JavaScript

  • Smalltown: A fork of Mastodon designed for civic communities looking to run their own social networks. AGPL-3.0, Ruby

  • Smithereen: VKontakte-like social network, with friends, walls, photo albums and groups Unlicense, Java

  • snac (Fedi account): A simple, minimalistic ActivityPub instance with minimal dependencies, multiuser, no database nor cookies needed, totally JavaScript-free MIT, C

  • Socialhome (site): Personal webpage with social networking functionality AGPL-3.0, Python

  • Spritely (site, Fedi account): Research space for a next-gen distributed social network written in Racket and consisting of multiple projects, by AP specification co-author Christine Lemmer Webber. Apache-2.0, Racket

  • Steskey: A fork of Misskey with deeper theming and some reverts AGPL-3.0, TypeScript

  • Streams (Fedi account): Public domain federated communications server. Provides a feature rich ActivityPub and Nomad communication node. Public domain and others, PHP

  • Swanye (Fedi account): A tumblelog in the style of Tumblr. AGPL-3.0, Elixir

  • TakahΔ“ (site, Fedi account): An experimental Fediverse server for microblogging BSD-3-clause, Python

  • Tanukey: A fork of Misskey for managed environments AGPL-3.0, TypeScript

  • Tapir (Fedi account, site): A small, efficient Mastodon-compatible Fediverse server for single-user instances. Based on Deno. (Note: license discussion) Blue Oak, TypeScript

  • Tavern (Fedi account): A minimalistic Activity Pub server. Think Mastodon, but smaller and with fewer features MIT, Go

  • Toki (Fedi account) Will support the Mastodon API. AGPL-3.0, C#

  • Tootik: A federated nanoblogging service with a Gemini frontend. Apache-2.0, Go

  • Type-9ine (site): A fork of Misskey with some features expanded for 9ineverse.com community needs. AGPL-3.0, TypeScript

  • Vagabond (site): A federated social network built with security and privacy in mind. GPL-3.0, Python

  • Wafrn: Small Tumbl-inspired social network. Apache-2.0, TypeScript

  • Yarn (site): A decentralised self-hosted microblogging platform that has a privacy-first focus. AGPL-3.0, Go

  • Yoiyami: A fork of Misskey which tries to make features opt-out. For example, you can hide custom emoji reactions. AGPL-3.0, TypeScript

  • πŸ‘» Dolphin: Lightweight ActivityPub Server optimized for single-user. A fork and sister project of Misskey AGPL-3.0, JavaScript

  • πŸ‘» fed: Trying to be a basic twitter-like service that works with ActivityPub. Based on Go-Fed GPL-3.0, Go

  • πŸ‘» GangGo - Developer has suspended development for the foreseeable future

  • πŸ‘» groundpolis: A microblogging service forked from Misskey AGPL-3.0, TypeScript

  • πŸ‘» Jejune - A work-in-progress ActivityPub server designed to use constructions which provide functional security and resilience ISC license, Python

  • πŸ‘» Kitsune: An ActivityPub-speaking microblogging service. No updates since 2022. AGPL-3.0, Clojure

  • πŸ‘» Lumen-ap-server (Fedi account): ActivityPub server using Lumen framework MIT, PHP

  • πŸ‘» Mistpark 2020 aka 'misty' - A webserver app that supports AP and Zot protocols, fork of Zap. (EOL, replaced by Streams. See #20) CC0-like, PHP

  • πŸ‘» MrBotchi (Fedi account): A federated microblogging platform for single-user - not updated since June 2020 AGPL-3.0, Go

  • πŸ‘» Osada - A full featured social network application. (EOL, replaced by Streams. See #20) CC0-like, PHP

  • πŸ‘» Pylodon - Flask-based (Python) ActivityPub server , source code also on GitLab, no updates on either repo for about a year, nor on their Smilodon client app

  • πŸ‘» Redmatrix 2020: A fediverse server. (EOL, replaced by Streams. See #20) CC0-like, PHP

  • πŸ‘» Roadhouse: Next gen Fediverse server. (EOL, replaced by Streams. See #20) CC0-like, PHP

  • πŸ‘» ShaarliGo: Self-reliantly posting on the #Fediverse with painless hosting and security in mind. GPL-3.0, Go

  • πŸ‘» Smilodon (server by Tuxcraft) - abandoned by developer "I'm now working on Sminos and so this will probably be 100% abandoned. There's not much to salvage, its code is cancer." Sminos appears to have never got beyond the initial commits Unknown, Unknown

  • πŸ‘» ssb ap bridge: currently working on a bridge between SSB and AP networks. No updates since 2019 Unknown, Unknown

  • πŸ‘» Technopolis (site, Fedi account): A globally interconnected micro-blogging platform inspired by Misskey - not updated since December 2020 AGPL-3.0, Rust

  • πŸ‘» tranquility: Small ActivityPub server written in Rust. (Archived, see issue) MIT, Rust

  • πŸ‘» un chapeau: Server for the Mastodon protocol, implemented in Django. Latest commit - May 2019. AGPL-3.0, Python

  • πŸ‘» Zap: A webserver app that supports AP and Zot protocols (EOL, replaced by Streams. See #20) CC0-like, PHP

Blogging, Publishing, and Reading

  • Dinolog (Fedi account): Utterly simplified and lightweight blogging protocol. (AP support planned. See toot) - No updates since 2022 Unknown, Go

  • Dokie.li (site): Article authoring and formating Apache-2.0, JavaScript

  • GoBlog (site, Fedi account): Simple blogging system written in Go MIT, Go

  • Hubzilla (site): CMS with a range of groupware tools available as plug-ins MIT, PHP

  • Known (site, Fedi account): A collaborative social publishing engine (Working on AP support, see this issue). Apache-2.0, PHP

  • Little Library: A digital give-a-book, take-a-book library for ebooks. AGPL-3.0, JavaScript

  • Plume (site): Blogging application AGPL-3.0, Rust

  • Project: Gimli: Federated end-to-end-encrypted guild-based messaging app & blogging platform. MPL-2.0, Kotlin

  • Read.as (site): Reading app by the devs of WriteFreely AGPL-3.0, Go

  • site: Minimalist blog that implements ActivityPub endpoints. MIT, JavaScript

  • social.distributed.press: A Social Inbox for Decentralized Publishing and ActivityPub. AGPL-3.0, TypeScript

  • Wordforge: Federated creative writing server. Write novels using markdown. AGPL-3.0, Rust

  • WordPress - listed as a project on the-federation.info: AP plug-in by @pfefferle@mastodon.social and Automattic, that allows users on AP apps to follow WP blogs, and comment on them, from an AP app. MIT, PHP

  • WriteFreely (site, Fedi account): Blog software AGPL-3.0, Go

  • Yuforium (Fedi account): A federated community platform that focuses on federated communities so they are no longer constrained to a single entity. GPL-3.0, TypeScript

  • πŸ‘» FediBlog (site): Fully customisable blog engine GPL-3.0, PHP

  • πŸ‘» Lamia: Distributed blogging, polls, and status updates powered by activitypub, python, the gay agenda, and snake women. AGPL-3.0, Python

  • πŸ‘» NoteIn: No commits since October 2018

  • πŸ‘» Redaktor: AP-powered CMS; website suspended, no actual code repo

  • Azorius: A link aggregator and comment site. ISC, Go

  • Betula (site): Self-hosted personal link collection manager. AGPL-3.0, Go

  • brutalinks (Fedi account): Link aggregator inspired by Reddit MIT, Go

  • ENiGMAΒ½: A modern BBS software with a nostalgic flair. (see: issue) BSD-2-Clause, JavaScript

  • Flarum: Experimental plugin for Flarum forum software by @squeevee. MIT, PHP

  • Kbin (site): Link aggregator and microblogging platform for Fediverse AGPL-3.0, PHP

  • Lemmy: Link aggregator, by @LemmyDev AGPL-3.0, Rust

  • Lobste.rs: Existing Reddit replacement adding AP support, AP issue still open. Unknown, Unknown

  • lotide: A federated forum / link aggregator. AGPL-3.0, Rust

  • MoonTree: Link aggregator, a work in progress MIT, TypeScript

  • PieFed (site, Fedi account): A federated forum / link aggregator. AGPL-3.0, Python

  • Postmarks (site): A single-user bookmarking website designed to live on the Fediverse MIT, JavaScript

  • Smilodon: the server by Purism used in LibreOne, not the abandoned Tuxcraft server or Pylodon client; a complementary fork of Mastodon, focusing on opt-in public spaces AGPL-3.0, Ruby

  • Vicinitude: A social media platform for Local Communities. MIT, Ruby

  • vxwClub: Simple social groups compatible with ActivityPub. MIT, PHP

  • πŸ‘» Anancus: By @tuxether, Link aggregator, discontinued?

  • πŸ‘» Prismo (Fedi account): Link aggregator. Latest update - May 2019. AGPL-3.0, Ruby

Media Hosting

  • Anfora (site): (formerly Zinat) Image sharing AGPL-3.0, Python

  • CastoPod Host (site, Fedi account): An open-source hosting platform made for podcasters who want engage and interact with their audience. AGPL-3.0, PHP

  • Catcast D (Fedi account): A federated video live streaming platform Unknown, TypeScript

  • FChannel: A libre, self-hostable, federated, imageboard platform that utilizes ActivityPub. AGPL-3.0, Go

  • FunkWhale (site): Music streaming AGPL-3.0, Python

  • Librecast LIVE (Fedi account, site): Live Streaming Video Platform with Multicast GPL-2.0-only OR GPL-3.0-only, JavaScript

  • Minipub (site): Minimal ActivityPub server for posting federated podcast comments MIT, TypeScript

  • Owncast (site, Fedi account): Owncast is a self-hosted live video and web chat server for use with existing popular broadcasting software. MIT, Go

  • PeerTube (Fedi account, site): Video-hosting site using WebTorrent AGPL-3.0, TypeScript

  • PixelFed (site, Fedi account): Photo Sharing. For Everyone. A free and ethical photo sharing platform. AGPL-3.0, PHP

  • Podverse (Fedi account, site): Web app for the Podverse podcast clip sharing system. AGPL-3.0, TypeScript

  • snap.as (Fedi account, site): Snap.as is a minimalist tool for publishing and sharing your photos on the web. (Not really started yet) Unknown, Unknown

  • Vidzy (site): The federated alternative to TikTok. AGPL-3.0, Python

  • πŸ‘» Acorde - federated social music platform. Almost a year has passed since the initial commit

  • πŸ‘» Audon: Audio chat space for Mastodon, Akkoma, GoToSocial, and Firefish, AGPL-3.0-or-later, Go

  • πŸ‘» Fontina - proposed as a photo-sharing social media network. GH repo has gone read-only, and now says "dead project"

  • πŸ‘» Marmota: Streaming service like Spotify. No commits - since March 2019

  • πŸ‘» Pubcast (site): Podcasting platform that allows people to listen to podcasts in a new way. Latest commit - March 2019. MPL-2.0, Go

  • πŸ‘» PeerPx: Social network for photographers (alternative to 500px / Flickr); Latest commit - October 2018

  • πŸ‘» reel2bits (site): Music and podcast hosting, AGPL-3.0, Python

  • πŸ‘» Soundstorm: The Federated Social Audio Platform. (Currently inactive, see issue) GPL-3.0, Python

Events and Meetups

Files, Contacts, and Calendar Syncing

Open data

  • bopwiki (Fedi account): An experimental 'microwiki implementation' / 'mini CMS' with ActivityPub support. GPL-3.0, Common Lisp

  • Chatter Net: Chatter Net is a modern decentralized semantic web built atop self-sovereign identity. MIT, Rust

  • CPub: A semantic web server, implements a Linked Data Platform (LDP), uses RDF Turtle as serialization format, part of the openEngiadina project AGPL-3.0, Elixir

  • Inventaire (site, Fedi account): A libre collaborative resource mapper powered by open-knowledge, starting with books. (Considers AP integration, see Github issue) AGPL-3.0, JavaScript

  • OLKi (site, Fedi account): A self-hosted linguistic corpora exchange platform that aims to be a simple gateway to the Fediverse for scientific interaction AGPL-3.0, Python

  • Openki (site): An interactive p2p web-platform to provide barrier-free access to education for everyone. (not federated yet, see AP feature request) AGPL-3.0, JavaScript

  • SemApps (site): A collaborative, generic knowledge management system. Aims to ease data storage and filtering. Apache-2.0, JavaScript

  • SkoHub (site): Creates a publication / subscription infrastructure for Open Educational Resources. It allows to follow specific subjects and to be notified when new content about that subject is published. Apache-2.0, JavaScript

  • XWiki (site, Fedi account): An advanced open source Enterprise Wiki (via the ActivityPub Extension). LGPL 2.1, Java


  • Bookwyrm (site, Fedi account): A federated alternative to Goodreads (non-OSS license) ANTI-CAPITALIST SOFTWARE LICENSE v1.4, Python

  • FediMovies: Lively federated movies reviews platform. AGPL-3.0, Rust

  • πŸ‘» exlibris: A social network dedicated to tracking and discussing what you're reading, based on go-fed (development stalled, see this toot). Latest commit - October 2020 MIT, Go

  • LibRate: Libre media rating website for the Fediverse. AGPL-3.0, Go

  • πŸ‘» Readlebee ( Fedi account): An attempt to create a viable Goodreads alternative, book reading progress, lists, reviews, comments (Project looking for new Maintainers) AGPL-3.0, JavaScript


  • Dharma: A federated community-building platform for Eve Online corporations. AGPL-3.0, Go

  • Guild Website: Federating guild website using GuildWars2 API MIT, Go

  • castling.club (site, Fedi account): Challenge someone to a game of chess using toots. An ActivityPub server with a single hardcoded King service actor that acts as a chess arbiter. MIT, TypeScript

  • Wolfgame (Fedi account): Wolfgame is a lot like Mafia. Once started the game simulates day/night cycle and allows players to vote for who might be a werewolf during the day. MIT, Python

  • πŸ‘» FediQuest (site): A federated alternative to traditionally centralized question & answer platforms, such as Quora/StackOverflow. GPL-3.0, Go

Software development

  • ForgeFlux (site, Fedi account): API-space software forge federation. Will implement ForgeFed external to the forges, using the forge's HTTP APIs. AGPL-3.0, Python

  • ForgeFriends (site, Fedi account): An online service to federate forges. MIT, Go

  • Gitea (site): A community managed lightweight code hosting solution. (In progress. For status, see: go-gitea/#18240, gitea/#3) MIT, Go

  • Gitlab: Starting with 'Social following' Gitlab is working along a roadmap to adding ActivityPub support. See top-level Epic. MIT, Ruby

  • Git Social: A federated self-hosted git repository management tool GPL-3.0, Rust

  • Gill: a free and open-source git-service based on ActivityPub and ForgeFed. Previously called Ruisseau. MIT, Rust

  • Vervis (Fedi account): Eventually-decentralized project hosting and management platform. Reference implementation for ForgeFed protocol extension. AGPL-3.0, Haskell

  • πŸ‘» Distbin (site): Post bin. Latest commit - September 2019. Apache-2.0, TypeScript



  • activitypub-core: An attempt to build a spec-compliant ActivityPub server in Node.js. MIT, TypeScript

  • Alovoa (site): Free and open-source dating platform that respects your privacy (considering AP support, see issue) AGPL-3.0, Java

  • bovine_herd: A bovine powered ActivityPub server, which interoperates with the rest of the FediVerse. MIT, Python

  • Communecter (site): Manage cities as a connected citizen, produce openCityData, manage organizations, projects, events openly, an open societal approach (intends to add AP support, see this issue) Apache-2.0, PHP

  • Corteza (site): "Digital Work Platform for Humanity" an open-source, low-code federated platform for building cloud-based business apps with CRM capabilities Apache-2.0, Go

  • DiveDB: Web application that allows Scuba Divers to catalogue and record their dives, dive sites, sealife and photos. (site): AGPL-3.0, Rust

  • ENiGMAΒ½ BBS (site): A modern BBS software with a nostalgic flair! (In progress, see PR) BSD-2-Clause, JavaScript

  • FairSync (site): Develops and collects best practices to synchronize maps and events and to federate messengers and identities. (Funded with NGI0, implementing ActivityStreams, but AP support not clear, currently unlicensed) Unknown, Java

  • FitTrackee (Fedi account): A simple self-hosted workout / activity tracker. (Still considering AP support, see issue) AGPL-3.0, Python

  • flohmarkt: A decentralised federated small trade platform. AGPL-3.0, Python

  • fossilphant (Fedi account): A static-site generator for Mastodon archives. AGPL-3.0, Scala

  • hvxahv-platform (site: A multifunctional decentralized social network implementation. MIT, Go

  • Immers Space (Fedi account): The decent(ralized) metaverse. AGPL-3.0, JavaScript

  • Inbox (site): An application built for a diploma thesis to showcase work with Linked Data Notifications, Activity Streams and ActivityPub, using Solid pod as data provider. (See also Solid forum discussion. No license, see issue) Unknown, TypeScript

  • Life Server (site): A decentralized personal data framework inspired by MIT's Solid Project (AP support planned, see Roadmap), MIT, JavaScript

  • Ocelot Social: Free and open-source social network for active citizenship. MIT, JavaScript

  • retrospring (site, Fedi account): Q&A based social network. Ask questions, give answers and learn more about your friends. (AP support planned. See: Github issue) AGPL-3.0, Ruby

  • Smartlike (site, Fedi account): A free non-profit decentralized donation processor with a focus on freedom, privacy and efficiency. AGPL-3.0, Rust

  • Transit Fedilerts (site): ActivityPub-compliant server for distributing transit service alerts. ISC, TypeScript

  • Vocata: A vocabulary-agnostic ActivityPub server. Vocata does not limit what types of content can be handled by it, and how it is presented to users. LGPL-3.0-or-later, Python

  • πŸ‘» Agora: Home page, POC to use ActivityPub on top of the Solid Platform. - developed by @spoggy@mstdn.fr. Latest commit - June 2020

  • πŸ‘» Indienet - homepage - abandoned in favour of Tincan development

  • πŸ‘» Numa - built on Ethereum blockchain but intended to federate with AP. No commits since April 2018. No reply on issue about AP compatibility testing from May 8. Homepage now a spam site

  • πŸ‘» Pantheon: Platform for building communities. No commits - since September 2019


Aside from project pages and issue trackers, comments made on the fediverse, the SocialWG has a list of projects they hoped would implement ActivityPub and links to issues where it's discussed. Also, there is an implementation report on ActivityPub.rocks. There are many projects using AP profiled on We Distribute. There are boards for discussing a range of implementations on the SocialHub forum. Alternative.to has a list of servers and client apps. The ActivityPub tag on Github is also a good way to discover projects experimenting with an implementation.


If you have questions or feedback regarding this list, then please create an Issue in our tracker, and optionally @mention one or more of our maintainers:


With delight we present you some of our delightful contributors (please add yourself if you are missing).


CC0 Public domain. This work is free of known copyright restrictions.