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RadioLib Wiki

Universal wireless communication library for embedded devices

RadioLib allows its users to integrate all sorts of different wireless communication modules, protocols and even digital modes into a single consistent system. Want to add a Bluetooth interface to your LoRa network? Sure thing! Do you just want to go really old-school and play around with radio teletype, slow-scan TV, or even Hellschreiber using nothing but a cheap radio module? Why not!

RadioLib was originally created as a driver for RadioShield, but it can be used to control a whole bunch of various wireless modules. Check the Modules page for more information. Not sure where to start? How about Basics and the examples?

Some cool open-source projects which use RadioLib - check them out!

Click the project name to go the project website, or the logo to check out their source code.

  • tinyGS - "An open network of Ground Stations distributed around the world to receive and operate LoRa satellites, weather probes and other flying objects, using cheap and versatile modules."


  • LoRa APRS - "We are a group of amateur radio operators who would like to bring APRS via LoRa to OMs."

    LoRa APRS logo

  • OpenMQTTGateway - "OpenMQTTGateway's project goal is to concentrate in one firmware different technologies and protocols, decreasing by the way the number of physical bridges needed, and hiding the different technologies singularity behind a simple & wide spread communication protocol"

    OpenMQTTGateway logo

  • RFQuack - "The only versatile RF-analysis tool that quacks!"

    RFQuack logo

  • Meshtastic™ - "An opensource hiking, pilot, skiing, Signal-App-extending GPS mesh communicator"

    Meshtastic logo

  • disaster.radio - "A disaster-resilient communications network powered by the sun"

    disaster.radio logo

  • FOSSASAT picosatellites - "Series of PocketQube satellites designed to create a global low-cost IoT network using spread spectrum modulation technology."

    FOSSA Systems logo

  • ClusterDuck Protocol™ - "An easy to use mobile mesh network that can be accessed by people without the need to have specific hardware or pre-downloaded software."

    ClusterDuck logo

This library is provided 'AS IS'. See License for details.