Modular Open Source Radio Firmware
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Morgan Diepart d43dd57031 Module17 Fixed Baseband tuning potentiometer setting 2024-04-26 21:20:08 +02:00
.github Added function to convert minmea coordinate to fixed-point integer representation 2024-04-10 08:04:26 +02:00
lib GPS: using 16-bit integers for altitude and speed 2024-04-10 19:12:34 +02:00
meta just the emulator shell broken out 2021-11-03 19:20:42 +01:00
openrtx Module17 Fixed Baseband tuning potentiometer setting 2024-04-26 21:20:08 +02:00
platform Module17: renamed calibration fields for TX/RX baseband inversion 2024-03-13 08:37:04 +01:00
scripts Small program for codec2 3200 encoding and decoding 2024-03-02 10:07:12 +01:00
subprojects Integrate west manifest to facilitate Zephyr build 2023-10-09 09:23:45 +02:00
tests Added function to convert minmea coordinate to fixed-point integer representation 2024-04-10 08:04:26 +02:00
.clang-format Implementation of linux input stream driver 2022-07-10 10:59:45 +02:00
.gitignore Add XPowersLib meson subproject 2023-09-20 21:08:35 +02:00
99-openrtx.rules Added GigaDevices GD32 USB ID to udev rules to allow programming of GD32-based Module17 without root privileges 2022-06-10 18:14:10 +02:00
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LICENSE Initial commit 2020-03-30 15:57:43 +02:00 Fix link in readme to device support page 2024-03-18 23:00:50 +01:00
cross_arm.txt meson: Fix warning in cross arm file 2023-08-02 10:00:00 +02:00 Added function to convert minmea coordinate to fixed-point integer representation 2024-04-10 08:04:26 +02:00
meson_options.txt Add undefined behaviour sanitizer option 2021-02-17 09:52:36 +01:00
osx.txt Native opts for macOS building 2021-12-23 14:52:25 +01:00
requirements.txt feat(ui): add tooling to generate symbols, add GPS status icon and macro latch icon to the macro menu 2023-08-24 09:32:01 +02:00
voiceprompts.vpc Added Broadcast to string table for use with voice prompts. Cleaned up hash key announcement. 2022-10-28 09:47:43 +02:00
west.yml Integrate west manifest to facilitate Zephyr build 2023-10-09 09:23:45 +02:00


Modular Open Source Radio Firmware

OpenRTX is a free and open source firmware for digital amateur radio devices, top-down designed with modularity, flexibility and performance in mind.

Currently OpenRTX is being actively developed for the following radios:

  • TYT MD-380/390
  • TYT MD-UV380/390
  • TYT MD-9600
  • Radioddity GD77 and Baofeng DM-1801

This firmware is highly experimental and currently under development, this means that it may not have all the expected functionalities. Anyway, contributions and testing will be warmly welcomed and accepted!

For information on the radios that are currently supported and their features, see the Development Status page on our website.

For hardware and software documentation visit

Obtaining the firmware

Warning: Read the disclaimer section first!

Pre-built binary images of the OpenRTX firmware for each one of the supported devices are available on the releases page: to flash them to your radio, you can use the OEM firmware upgrade tool or — alternatively and for TYT MD-3x0 and MD-UV3x0 radios only — you can also use the radio_tool program or tarxvf's web based flashing tool

Between releases, pre-built binary images containing the latest firmware updates are available through nightly builds from the master branch. The nightly builds are available here:

Finally, the instructions on how to compile the OpenRTX firmware for hardware as well as emulation on Linux, are available on the compilation instructions page on our website.

Have a look at the the dedicated page for detailed instructions on flashing the firmware to your radio, look at the OpenRTX website or reach out to us on our channels!

M17 support

From the release version 0.3.3 onwards the OpenRTX firmware provides experimental support for the M17 digital voice mode.

The following radios are currently supported for use with this digital mode:

  • MD-380, MD-390 and RT3 UHF version are supported for both modulation and demodulation.
  • MD-380, MD-390 and RT3 VHF version are supported for demodulation only, modulation is a work in progress.
  • MD-UV380 and MD-UV390 are supported for both modulation and demodulation.
  • GD77 and DM-1801 currently are not supported for the new digital voice mode.

To make the digital mode work, some modding is required: Refer to the dedicated page on our website for the details on that.


This project was created for research and amateur radio use only, we are not responsible for improper use of this code which might lead to unauthorized transmission, reception or any patent infringments.

The OpenRTX firmware is released WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY: Anyone flashing a binary image obtained from the sources made available through this repository does so at their own risk. We always test all the code on our devices before publishing it on the repository, however we cannot guarantee the absolute absence of bugs nor of potential side effects.


To reach out, visit our M17 Reflector or join our Matrix room for general discussion or the Matrix space which contains many additional rooms or our Discord Server.


To support the development of OpenRTX you can donate using Liberapay.
If you want to donate hardware to facilitate porting and development of OpenRTX, please contact us.


This software is released under the GNU GPL v3.

minmea is released under the DO WHAT THE FUCK YOU WANT TO PUBLIC LICENSE v2.

Code for STM32F405 USB driver is released under the MCD-ST Liberty SW License Agreement V2. and related files are released by Microsoft Corporation under MIT license.


OpenRTX is being made by:

Our wholehearted thanks go to the following contributors from the community:

  • Joseph Stephen VK7JS, who implemented voice prompts

All this is possible by the huge reverse engineering effort of Travis Goodspeed and all the contributors of the md380tools.

A huge thanks goes to Roger Clark, and his OpenGD77 (repo no longer available) which not only inspired this project, but as a precursor, provided a working code example for the GD77 radio family.

A warm thank you goes to SP5WWP and the M17 community for bringing their libre protocol into our obscure undocumented hardware.

Also, a thank you for donating hardware to this project goes to:

  • M17 Project
  • laurivosandi

And thanks to everyone who donated via LiberaPay.