Library to control EQ3 BTLE Thermostats.
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Library to control EQ3 BTLE Thermostats.

It makes use of gatttool which is part of the bluez package.

With the lib can do:

* Read current temperature and lockstate from thermostat (if changed manually)
* Activate Boostmode: 300sec fully open valve
* Deactive Boostmode: Interrupt Boostmode earlier than 300sec
* Lock Thermostat: Disable manual mode
* Unlock Thermostat: Enable manual mode
* Switch between automatic, manual and eco mode (automatic schedule on thermostat side)
* Set Temperature Offset: Set an offset to measured temperature
* Set Day/Night Mode: Change between two preset values
* Change Window Open settings: Change temperature and duration
* Set Temperature: Self explanatory (given in celcius)
* Set Time: Set date/time on the thermostat

What the lib cannot do:

* Check if device is really present. Right now no error handling is done,
  as it is hard to determine wether the command was successful or not.
* Manipulation of the inbuilt programs. Not necessary for my needs
* The vacation function is not implemented