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A social media frontend with a focus on custom branding and ease of use. https://soapbox.pub

Updated 2 months ago

docker swarm config files

Updated 3 months ago

FreeOTP qrcode exporter app in javascript

Updated 4 months ago

Backup docker volumes

Updated 4 months ago

Docker image for performing simple backups of Docker volumes

Updated 4 months ago

kato-wordcram w processing

Updated 5 months ago

Nextcloud Social App

Updated 7 months ago

REDIRECTOR plugin config. Automatically redirect content based on user-defined rules.

Updated 7 months ago

Updated 7 months ago

An Open Letter from the Gitea Community to the Project Owners.

Updated 7 months ago

Scripts to build/customize persistent live linux distros

Updated 11 months ago

generate secure passwords

Updated 2 years ago