ibdspl-2.0 — opensource cross-platform digital signal processing algorithm library, written in C language. Distributed under LGPL v3 license. This allows to use this library in all applications with dynamic linking.

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'rbfilter' is intended to design, predict and simulate digital filters. As of version 1.0 it can deal with low-, band- and high-pass filters, designed as "Sallen and Key", "Rauch" and Discrete forms of Bessel, Butterworth and Chebyshev types

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Implementation of several digital signal filters and functions for the generation of synthetic (surrogate) time-series.

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digital-filter-designer. a website application where you can design your desired digital filters online you can try it here: https://badra022.github.io/digital-filter-designer/

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DiFi++ is a small c++ header-only library for DIgital FIlters based on rational transfer functions such as the butterworth filter and the moving average filter

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