SDR++, The bloat-free SDR software

Updated 2023-09-29 13:35:48 +00:00

One radio library to rule them all! Universal wireless communication library for embedded devices: rtty, sstv, ax25, aprs, 4fsk

Updated 2023-09-29 12:28:18 +00:00

Geogram is a programming library with geometric algorithms

Updated 2023-09-29 04:13:07 +00:00

K3NG Arduino CW Keyer

Updated 2023-09-28 23:30:20 +00:00

FM Transmitter. Use the Raspberry Pi as an FM transmitter. Works on every Raspberry Pi board.

Updated 2023-09-28 22:54:16 +00:00

wfview is open-source software for the control of modern Icom radios, including the IC-7300, IC-7610, IC-705, IC-R8600 and IC-9700. USB and LAN are supported. See

Updated 2023-09-28 14:44:49 +00:00

The LoRa APRS Tracker will work with TTGO T-Beam V0.7 (433MHz SX1278) TTGO T-Beam V1 (433MHz SX1278)

Updated 2023-09-27 00:22:32 +00:00

SDR Rx/Tx software for Airspy, Airspy HF+, BladeRF, HackRF, LimeSDR, PlutoSDR, RTL-SDR, SDRplay RSP1 and FunCube

Updated 2023-09-25 19:35:42 +00:00

LoRa tracker with KISS TNC capability

Updated 2023-09-23 10:38:36 +00:00

GPR gopro raw converter

Updated 2023-09-21 14:40:46 +00:00

The program receives and decodes C1,T1 or S1 telegrams (using the wireless mbus protocol) to acquire utility meter readings

Updated 2023-09-15 07:23:02 +00:00

LoRa tracker with KISS TNC capability

Updated 2023-09-10 07:13:39 +00:00

WSPR-TX Pico Transmitter

Updated 2023-09-03 11:27:04 +00:00

Tools for computing various statistics related to Geocaching/Opencaching.

Updated 2023-09-01 12:47:34 +00:00

decoder for radiosonde RS41, RS92, DFM06/09/17, M10/M20, and MP3H based on a TTGO LoRa ESP32 board.

Updated 2023-08-29 20:52:47 +00:00

Horus Binary 4FSK Transmit Example, using RadioLib

Updated 2023-08-28 08:51:43 +00:00

ESP8266 driven weather station with a Flask webserver frontend and Influx/Grafana plotting.

Updated 2023-08-14 21:40:49 +00:00