Node.js client for the unofficial ChatGPT API.

Updated 2024-06-20 19:03:09 +00:00

A user-friendly, commercial grade software for drone image processing.

Updated 2024-06-20 18:15:13 +00:00

piku, inspired by dokku, allows you do git push deployments to your own servers, no matter how small they are.

Updated 2024-06-20 17:34:51 +00:00

Cloudlog is a self-hosted PHP application that allows you to log your amateur radio contacts anywhere.

Updated 2024-06-20 13:46:48 +00:00

The program receives and decodes C1,T1 or S1 telegrams (using the wireless mbus protocol) to acquire utility meter readings

Updated 2024-06-20 13:03:23 +00:00

Planetiler (pla·nuh·tai·lr, formerly named "Flatmap") is a tool that generates Vector Tiles from geographic data sources like OpenStreetMap.

Updated 2024-06-20 08:55:46 +00:00

LoRa tracker with KISS TNC capability

Updated 2024-06-19 20:28:07 +00:00

Toot is a CLI and TUI tool for interacting with Mastodon instances from the command line.

Updated 2024-06-19 20:03:32 +00:00

One radio library to rule them all! Universal wireless communication library for embedded devices: rtty, sstv, ax25, aprs, 4fsk

Updated 2024-06-19 19:19:23 +00:00

Phanpy - Minimalistic opinionated Mastodon web client. Fediverse

Updated 2024-06-19 15:34:19 +00:00

A multiplatform tool to save Touchstone files from the NanoVNA, sweep frequency spans in segments and generally display and analyze the resulting data.

Updated 2024-06-19 11:58:10 +00:00

Project Horus's Telemetry Demodulator Library

Updated 2024-06-19 08:59:28 +00:00

OpenBuilds CONTROL - Grbl Host / Interface for all CNC style machines running Grbl

Updated 2024-06-18 20:10:33 +00:00

Generate command line and a python interface to any Ethereum smart contract

Updated 2024-06-18 18:19:15 +00:00

NewPipe Extractor is a library for extracting things from streaming sites. It is a core component of NewPipe, but could be used independently.

Updated 2024-06-18 09:35:16 +00:00

Learn Python 3. A book

Updated 2024-06-18 01:19:22 +00:00

A curated list of code and resources for computer-controlled drawing machines and other visual art robots.

Updated 2024-06-18 00:42:50 +00:00

This repository provides a Docker image for borgmatic

Updated 2024-06-17 22:15:44 +00:00