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# VP-Digi
VP-Digi is a functional, cheap, easy to assemble and configure STM32-based APRS digipeater controller with built-in KISS modem.
* 1200 Bd Bell 202 modem (VHF APRS standard)
* R2R or PWM signal generation
* Analog-digital busy channel detection (data carrier detection)
* AX.25 coder/decoder designed for APRS frames
* digipeater: 4 settable n-N aliases, 4 simple aliases, viscous delay (known from aprx) or direct only, black and white list
* 8 independent beacons
* KISS mode (can be used as an ordinary modem with UI-View, APRSIS32, XASTIR etc.)
* USB and 2 UARTs: independent, running in KISS, monitor or configuration mode
## Description, schematic, instructions
If you are not interested in source code, this repository is not for you. You can find full project description, schematics, compiled firmware and instructions [on my website](https://sq8l.pzk.pl/index.php/vp-digi-cheap-and-functional-aprs-digipeater-controller-with-kiss-modem/).