Jim Mussared 5015779a6f py/builtinevex: Handle invalid filenames for execfile.
If a non-string buffer was passed to execfile, then it would be passed
as a non-null-terminated char* to mp_lexer_new_from_file.

This changes mp_lexer_new_from_file to take a qstr instead (as in almost
all cases a qstr will be created from this input anyway to set the
`__file__` attribute on the module).

This now makes execfile require a string (not generic buffer) argument,
which is probably a good fix to make anyway.

Fixes issue #12522.

This work was funded through GitHub Sponsors.

Signed-off-by: Jim Mussared <jim.mussared@gmail.com>
2023-10-12 15:17:59 +11:00
mpy_cross mpy-cross: Fix source file name in file-not-found error. 2023-08-16 16:13:01 +10:00
Makefile extmod: Make extmod.mk self-contained. 2022-10-11 23:31:49 +11:00
README.md all: Remove MICROPY_OPT_CACHE_MAP_LOOKUP_IN_BYTECODE. 2021-09-16 16:04:03 +10:00
gccollect.c all: Update to point to files in new shared/ directory. 2021-07-12 17:08:10 +10:00
main.c py/builtinevex: Handle invalid filenames for execfile. 2023-10-12 15:17:59 +11:00
mpconfigport.h mpy-cross,unix: Include alloca.h for NetBSD. 2022-08-23 13:39:18 +10:00
mphalport.h mpy-cross: Make build independent of extmod directory. 2018-07-10 14:11:28 +10:00
mpy-cross.vcxproj all: Keep msvc build output in build/ directories. 2022-12-13 17:18:53 +11:00
qstrdefsport.h mpy-cross: Add new component, a cross compiler for MicroPython bytecode. 2016-02-25 10:12:21 +00:00


MicroPython cross compiler

This directory contains the MicroPython cross compiler, which runs under any Unix-like system and compiles .py scripts into .mpy files.

Build it as usual:

$ make

The compiler is called mpy-cross. Invoke it as:

$ ./mpy-cross foo.py

This will create a file foo.mpy which can then be copied to a place accessible by the target MicroPython runtime (eg onto a pyboard's filesystem), and then imported like any other Python module using import foo.

Different target runtimes may require a different format of the compiled bytecode, and such options can be passed to the cross compiler.

If the Python code contains @native or @viper annotations, then you must specify -march to match the target architecture.

Run ./mpy-cross -h to get a full list of options.

The optimisation level is 0 by default. Optimisation levels are detailed in https://docs.micropython.org/en/latest/library/micropython.html#micropython.opt_level