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2. [Running it](#running-it)
3. [Commands](#commands)
4. [Privacy](#privacy)
5. [Acknowledgements](#acknowledgements)
5. [Deployment](#deployment)
6. [Acknowledgements](#acknowledgements)
## Requirements
@ -57,6 +58,28 @@ If running in docker, this means you run
This project doesn't crawl personal instances: the goal is to understand communities, not individuals. The threshold for what makes an instance "personal" is defined in the [backend config](backend/config/config.exs) and the [graph builder SQL](gephi/src/main/java/space/fediverse/graph/
## Deployment
You don't have to follow these instructions, but it's one way to set up a continuous deployment pipeline. The following are for the backend; the frontend is just a static HTML/JS site that can be deployed anywhere.
1. Install [Dokku]( on your web server.
2. Install [dokku-postgres](, [dokku-monorepo](, and [dokku-letsencrypt](
3. Create the apps
* `dokku apps:create phoenix`
* `dokku apps:create gephi`
4. Create the backing database
* `dokku postgres:create fediversedb`
* `dokku postgres:link fediversedb phoenix`
* `dokku postgres:link fediversedb gephi`
5. Update the backend configuration. In particular, change the `user_agent` in [config.exs](/backend/config/config.exs) to something descriptive.
6. Push the apps, e.g. `git push dokku@<DOMAIN>:phoenix` (from your local machine or CD pipeline)
7. Set up SSL for the Phoenix app
* `dokku letsencrypt phoenix`
* `dokku letsencrypt:cron-job --add`
8. Set up a cron job for the graph layout (use the `dokku` user). E.g.
0 2 * * * /usr/bin/dokku run gephi java -Xmx1g -jar build/libs/graphBuilder.jar
## Acknowledgements
[![NLnet logo](](

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