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Welcome to the public monorepo for tldraw.

What is tldraw?

tldraw is a collaborative digital whiteboard available at Its editor, user interface, and other underlying libraries are open source and available in this repository. They are also distributed on npm. You can use tldraw to create a drop-in whiteboard for your product or as the foundation on which to build your own inifinite canvas applications.

Learn more at

Note This repo contains source code for the current version of tldraw. You can find the source for the original version here.

Installation & Usage

To learn more about using tldraw in your React application, follow our guide here or see this StackBlitz.

import { Tldraw } from '@tldraw/tldraw'
import '@tldraw/tldraw/editor.css'
import '@tldraw/tldraw/ui.css'

function TldrawExample() {
	return <Tldraw />

Local development

To run the local development server, first clone this repo.

Install dependencies:


Start the local development server:

yarn dev

Open the example project at localhost:5420.


Our development server contains several examples that demonstrates different ways that you can customize tldraw or use its APIs. Each example is found in the apps/examples/src folder.

  • eg: localhost:5420 for the basic example.
  • eg: localhost:5420/api for the API example.

To learn more about using tldraw, visit our docs.

About this repository

Top-level layout

This repository's contents is divided across four primary sections:

  • /apps contains the source for our applications
  • /packages contains the source for our public packages
  • /scripts contains scripts used for building and publishing
  • /assets contains icons and translations relied on by the app



  • editor: the tldraw editor
  • ui: the editor's user interface
  • tldraw: the main tldraw package containing both the editor and the UI
  • primitives: low-level primitives for working with vectors and geometry
  • tlschema: shape definitions and migrations
  • tlsync-client: a library for (locally) syncronizing editor instances
  • tlstore: an in-memory reactive database
  • tlvalidate: a validation library used for run-time validation
  • tlassets: a library for working with tldraw's fonts and translations
  • file-format: a library for working with tldraw's .tldr file format
  • utils: low-level data utilities shared by other libraries


Have questions, comments or feedback? Join our discord or start a discussion.


You can find tldraw on npm here.


The source code for various apps and packages in this repository (as well as our 2.0+ distributions and releases) are currently licensed under Apache-2.0. These licenses are subject to change in our upcoming 2.0 release. If you are planning to use tldraw in a commercial product, please reach out at


Please see our contributing guide. Found a bug? Please submit an issue.

Note: we are currently unable to accept contributions on the @tldraw/tldraw or @tldraw/editor packages while we work out our final licensing.


Find us on Twitter at @tldraw or email You can also join our discord for quick help and support.