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Netflix-DL 6.0 |HDR-HEVC-MPL-HPL NOT Working| !

Buy working netflix cdm from wvfuck@protonmail.com

Use Python 3.9.8 & install

Quick start

For Chrome install the following addon

get cookies.txt from netflix site you should be login in the browser and put it in as cookies.txt in 
Now edit config.py in following path
line no .108-109
	"email": "xxx",
	"password": "xxxx",
    put your login details here
Now enjoy using it


netflix.py 81478916 -q 1080 --hdr

netflix.py 81478916 -q 1080 --hevc

netflix.py 81478916 -q 1080 --main

netflix.py 81478916 -q 1080 --high

    -h--help  Display the complete parameter setting help file and exit
    -q <number> video resolution, the highest (1080) is selected by default, optional: 480, 720, 1080, etc.
    -o <directory path>
                 Download temporary folder
    -f <directory path>
                 mkv mixed stream output folder, do not specify the default output to download temporary folder
    -s <number> Season number (Season) does not specify that all seasons are downloaded by default
    -e <number> The number of episodes (Episode) does not specify the default download complete episode
                "-e 1" download episode 1;
                "-e 1-7" download episodes 1-7;
                "-e 2,5" Download episodes 2 and 5
    -p, --prompt
                Interactively prompt to enter yes/no before downloading
    --AD language code, --alang language code
                Specify the audio track language, download the highest bit rate audio track in the original language (Original) by default
                Language code location: "/helpers/Muxer.py"
    --slang language code
                Specify the subtitle language, download all language subtitles by default,
                For example, "--slang zhoS zhoT" specifies simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese subtitles
    --flang language code
                Specify the "scene subtitle" language (Force Subtitle)
                Download all language audio tracks
                Download "scene subtitles" in all languages
    --audio-bitrate <number>
                Specify the audio bit rate, download the highest bit rate audio track by default, optional: 128, 256, 448, etc.
    --aformat-2c, --audio-format-2ch
                Specify to download 2.0 channel audio tracks
    --aformat-51ch, --audio-format-51ch
                Specify to download 5.1 channel audio tracks
    --keep keep the original material files after mixed stream mkv, delete by default
    -keys, --license
                Only output widevine key to the console and exit
    --no-aria2c Do not call the aria2c downloader, use the Python downloader, and use aria2c by default
                This parameter is not recommended
    --nv do not download the video (Video)
    --na do not download audio (Audio)
    --ns do not download subtitles (Subtitle)

Additional configuration file parameters (Manifest):
    --main specifies H.264 Main
    --high Specify H.264 High
    --hevc specify H.265
    --hdr specify H.265 HDR
    --check Compare the quality of H.264 Main/H.264 High

Hello Fellow < Developers/ >!

Hi! My name is WVDUMP. I am Leaking the scripts to punish few idiots 😄

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