ESP8266 driven weather station with a Flask webserver frontend and Influx/Grafana plotting.

Updated 1 month ago

ToolJet is an open-source low-code framework to build and deploy internal tools quickly without much effort from the engineering teams.

Updated 6 hours ago

Backend server for SOTLAS (, serving summit and activator data to the frontend, handling photo uploads and distributing SOTAwatch spots asynchronously via WebSocket.

Updated 2 months ago

Solo is an open source security key. We just launched Solo v2,

Updated 1 year ago is a reliable, high-performance Python web framework for building large-scale app backends and microservices.

Updated 3 days ago

A forward-thinking library of web components.

Updated 1 day ago

convert ipython notebook to web application

Updated 2 years ago

Scanner Access Now Easy ― Website Official website: GitLab Pages:

Updated 4 weeks ago

RootMyTV is a user-friendly exploit for rooting/jailbreaking LG webOS smart TVs.

Updated 3 weeks ago

QRImage is a web app to generate QR codes with images.

Updated 1 year ago

A simple Python client implementation of WebFinger RFC 7033.

Updated 4 years ago

Web based management to catalog things including state and location etc. using Python/Django.

Updated 3 months ago

An alternative web client for Mastodon, focused on speed and simplicity.

Updated 1 week ago

Webserver example that came with TinyUSB slightly modified to run on a Raspberry Pi Pico. Lets the Pico pretend to be a USB Ethernet device. Runs a webinterface at

Updated 2 years ago

Phanpy - Minimalistic opinionated Mastodon web client. Fediverse

Updated 1 day ago

A user-friendly, commercial grade software for drone image processing.

Updated 11 hours ago

This website displays live (mostly) glider traffic. Talking about

Updated 2 years ago

Moonstream is a product which helps anyone participate in decentralized finance.

Updated 5 days ago

MapOSMatic - A web interface for creating printable OpenStreetMap maps

Updated 3 weeks ago

Lieu an alternative search engine / webring

Updated 4 months ago