A nimble Mastodon web client

Updated 2 days ago

A forward-thinking library of web components.

Updated 3 days ago

Radiosonde linux decoder

Updated 4 days ago

RTL-SDR UAT tools. opensource ads-b receiver

Updated 4 weeks ago

ESP8266 driven weather station with a Flask webserver frontend and Influx/Grafana plotting.

Updated 1 month ago

This lab provides Jupyter notebooks for working with Austrian open government data and other auxiliary open data sources.

Updated 4 months ago

Scripts to build/customize persistent live linux distros

Updated 9 months ago

Slowrx is an SSTV decoder for Linux.

Updated 1 year ago

Single Program Transport stream muxer

Updated 2 years ago

HabBoy is a linux/webApp to help observe and chase after High Altitude Balloons. (https://ukhas.org.uk/)

Updated 2 years ago