Dl Fldigi is an adapted version of the excellent free FLdigi soundcard decoding software. It takes the audio from your radio, decodes the balloon's signal, and then sends the telemetry

Updated 7 years ago

.NET Core console app to provide coloured and filtered displays of FT8 decoded messages, by monitoring udp://localhost:2237

Updated 3 years ago

The software webscrapes data from wsprnet.org, filter out calls from the balloons and decode additional telemetry and apload to habhub tracker / aprs-fi

Updated 2 years ago

decode RTTY telemetry from High Altitude Balloon and upload it to UKHAS Habitat

Updated 3 weeks ago

Project Horus Telemetry Decoder

Updated 6 months ago

(C) 2013 AG1LE Mauri Niininen. This software is a Morse decoder orinally created by Dr. E. L. Bell in 1977.

Updated 9 years ago

decoder for radiosonde RS41, RS92, DFM06/09/17, M10/M20, and MP3H based on a TTGO LoRa ESP32 board.

Updated 1 month ago

robot36 - encode and decode images using SSTV in Robot 36 mode

Updated 5 months ago

Radiosonde linux decoder

Updated 3 weeks ago

WSPR daemon for RTL receivers

Updated 9 months ago

Slowrx is an SSTV decoder for Linux.

Updated 1 year ago

The program receives and decodes C1,T1 or S1 telegrams (using the wireless mbus protocol) to acquire utility meter readings

Updated 1 week ago