This website displays live (mostly) glider traffic. Talking about

Updated 2 years ago

Embroidery Reader is an open source .PES file viewer written in C#.

Updated 1 year ago

MapChecking helps you estimate the number of people standing in a given area

Updated 3 months ago

Make your website resilient without a gatekeeping centralized CDN.

Updated 3 days ago

An nginx-based front-end caching config for WordPress sites, handling high traffic and improving security.

Updated 3 years ago

This is an Electron template to embed Node-RED with an existing Node-RED project to create a native application.

Updated 2 months ago

Python package for Kivy Android USB serial port.

Updated 1 year ago

Scoppy is an oscilloscope and logic analyzer powered by your Android phone/tablet and Raspberry Pi Pico.

Updated 5 days ago

RPi Pico/RP2040 firmware for the Scoppy Oscilloscope

Updated 5 months ago

A free and ethical photo sharing platform, powered by ActivityPub federation.

Updated 5 hours ago

This repo is similar to pico-examples but utilizing additional libraries from pico-extras

Updated 9 months ago

This repo has additional libraries that are not yet ready for inclusion the Pico SDK proper, or are just useful but don't necessarily belong in the Pico SDK.

Updated 2 months ago

Record avi video on ESP32-CAM and send to Telegram on event or request

Updated 3 months ago

Video Recorder for ESP32-CAM with http server for config and ftp server to download video

Updated 1 year ago

Webserver example that came with TinyUSB slightly modified to run on a Raspberry Pi Pico. Lets the Pico pretend to be a USB Ethernet device. Runs a webinterface at

Updated 2 years ago

collaboration Drawing app

Updated 2 weeks ago

Library to control EQ3 BTLE Thermostats.

Updated 7 years ago

Repository for the rocket-operation computing kit (Rockit)

Updated 2 months ago

This is an attempt by Nina Paley (art) and Atul Varma (code) to tinker with procedural art.

Updated 1 year ago