ESP32 Spectrum analyzer 8-64channels FFT

Updated 5 months ago

ParaTNC is a hardware and a software which offers the functionality of multi function APRS controler.

Updated 1 month ago

Build-a-Pi will allow you to get up and running fast with a Raspberry Pi for ham radio.

Updated 1 month ago

This is a simple, inexpensive, transmitter and full-feature controller for conducting ARDF Foxoring competitions.

Updated 3 years ago

The easy DIY 5x5 elements 100 Watt automatic antenna tuner

Updated 3 weeks ago

Single Channel LoRaWAN Gateway: ESP32, RFM95 radio, arduino

Updated 4 years ago

GridTracker listens to traffic from WSJT-X and displays it on a map. It will also load ADIF log files

Updated 2 days ago

This package includes several Python modules and scripts of interest to the radio amateur.

Updated 6 years ago

this is a extention up on the project of Robert Brown below the link

Updated 3 years ago

Arduino compatible Sky Quality Meter using the TSL2591

Updated 4 years ago

ESP8266 driven weather station with a Flask webserver frontend and Influx/Grafana plotting.

Updated 2 months ago

ESP32 AM Radio Transmitter

Updated 5 years ago

(C) 2013 AG1LE Mauri Niininen. This software is a Morse decoder orinally created by Dr. E. L. Bell in 1977.

Updated 9 years ago

Simple application for displaying a Maidenhead locator written in GTK4 with mobile phones in mind.

Updated 8 months ago

kepi is a Django-based microblogging system, implemented in Python. It uses the ActivityPub protocol to communicate with other servers, and the Mastodon protocol to communicate with clients.

Updated 2 years ago

A multiplatform tool to save Touchstone files from the NanoVNA, sweep frequency spans in segments and generally display and analyze the resulting data.

Updated 6 days ago

This sketch implement s basic SSB radio control panel with the following features: Dual VFO A/B Rotary encoder for tuning, push button to change tuning increment SI5351 Clock generator for the LO and BFO CAT Control (emulates an ICOM IC-746)

Updated 2 years ago

ICOM IC-746 CAT Control Emulation for Arduino

Updated 7 days ago

Transceiver "Wolf". DDC-DUC SDR Tranceiver project

Updated 10 hours ago

DUC-DDC Трансивер Wolf-Lite Community telegram channel:

Updated 9 months ago